Project Quality Gadget

The Project Quality Gadget calculates the quality of a project for a specific version, i.e. the total amount of effort put into bug fixing relative to the number of story points for completed work. Specifically, the project quality for a version = (sum of time spent on bugs that are closed in version) / (sum of story points realised in version). This metric allows the project managers to plan their next cycle, by giving them a sense of quality.

Note that a lower quality number is better, as it indicates fewer time was spent in fixing bugs. Also note that if the velocity is low, i.e. many completed story points in time, but the quality is high, this means that the team spent too much time on fixing bugs rather than implement features.


The quality is the result of:

  • a project and a version that together determine which issues must be processed;
  • a set of end statuses that determine when an issue is finished, and must be included in the calculation.
  • the user must select the field that is used in their setup which specifies the number of points that give weight to an issue. Internally, we use(d) Points, a custom field we added because Greenhopper did not have a custom field of its own. As of now, Greenhopper does have this field, Story Points.


The gadget has a different look, uniform to the Project Metric gadgets, when viewed on a wallboard.