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The Version Velocity Gadget calculates the velocity of a project for a specific version, i.e. the total amount of effort relative to the number of story points for completed work. Specifically, the velocity for a version = (sum of time spent on issues in version + sum of remaining estimated time in version) / (sum of story points realised in version). This metric allows the project managers to plan their next cycle.

Note that a lower velocity is better, as it indicates fewer time was needed to accomplish the amount of work.

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The velocity is the result of:

  • a project and a version that together determine which issues must be processed;
  • a set of end statuses that determine when an issue is finished, and must be included in the calculation.
  • the user must select the field that is used in their setup which specifies the number of points that give weight to an issue. Internally, we use(d) Points, a custom field we added because Greenhopper did not have a custom field of its own. As of now, Greenhopper does have this field, Story Points.

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The gadget has a different look, uniform to the Project Metric gadgets, when viewed on a wallboard.